Magnolia High School Senior Banner

Senior year is a big deal! Help your graduate celebrate this milestone by hanging a custom photo banner at Magnolia High School.

All proceeds from this sale support Texas Star Dance Team.

Product Information


All banners are delivered to the school where they will be proudly displayed throughout the building. Banners will be distributed to students to take home just in time for graduation celebrations in the Spring.  You will receive notification directly from the sale coordinators with information on the date/location to pick up your banners at that time.


  • ORDER DATES: September 1 – November 1, 2023
    PRICE: $56
    Banners will be installed by mid-December, 2023
  • ORDER DATES: November 2, 2023 – January 15, 2024
    PRICE: $66

    Banners will be installed by early-February, 2024

Banner Size: 24″ wide x 36″ tall
Material: 13 oz vinyl
Description: Banners are good for indoor/outdoor use, are fade resistant, waterproof and include welding and grommets for easy hanging.

For questions or more information, email

Image Size and Quality
All photos submitted must be high-resolution. Images from phone cameras are not sufficient unless your phone has a high-quality camera and the images are saved at the highest resolution possible. Take a look at your file size—if the image is less than a megabyte or two in size, it’s probably not going to work. (Anything less than a megabyte will be shown in kilobytes). Photos downloaded from Google or Facebook, screenshots, and many photos taken with phone cameras will not be large or clear enough.

From Your Digital Camera
Be sure the settings are on highest JPG resolution possible. Do NOT reduce the file size. 

From Your Scanner
If you’re scanning a photo, the images need to be at 200 dpi at a 100 percent. For example, if the original photo dimensions are 5 x 7, then the settings on the scanner need to be 5 x 7, with the resolution set at 300 dpi.

Print Quality Disclaimer
The photo image quality of any banners we produce is completely dependent upon the quality of the original digital file uploaded by the customer. We will do our best to produce the best quality print from the documents supplied, but cannot be held responsible if the quality is found to be unacceptable, blurry or pixelated due a poor original source.

Do’s and Dont’s for Photo Submissions

  • Portraits should be from the waist up. The banner layout is in a vertical format.
  • Please do not upload headshots or up-close photos of the student’s face.
  • Leave plenty of space surrounding your subject. Please do not crop your image.
  • Do not include other people in the picture and make sure the background of the image is not too distracting. The submitted photo should only show the student, nobody else.


Don’t hesitate to ask. Please email or call 410-207-8030.


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