Fundraising Programs

Our custom programs raise funds while creating timeless memories for students and their families. Through our optional online order facility, families can buy your products directly on our website. You set the price and keep the profits. We finalize sales online, collect your payments and write you a check for your fundraising proceeds within two weeks of your sale’s completions. Completely hassle-free process!

Senior Banners

Senior Banners are an effective and practical fundraising product provided by Varsity Graphics. These banners are the right fit for families who love to celebrate and encourage individual graduates.

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Grad/Celebration Yard Signs

Varsity Graphics’ Custom Yard Signs charge up celebrations and multiply the joy of achievements of students, making it an excellent instrument for fundraising.

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Team and Group Yard sign fundraising programs

Team/Group Yard Signs

Engage your community year-round while raising funds for your organization with custom team, activity and program yard signs.

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Garden Flags

Let these eye-catching flags adorn gardens, front yards, and beyond, uniting the community and supporting your cause in a stylish and meaningful way.

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Custom Products

In addition to fundraising programs, Varsity Graphics offers a selection of curated customized items that enhance your school/team spirit and celebrations. All products are custom designed especially for you.

Our Products and Fundraising Programs are GREAT for

  • PTAs

  • Boosters Clubs

  • School Groups

  • Athletic Team

  • Schools

  • More...

Why Varsity Graphics?

Varsity Graphics assists schools, teams and organizations in building a sense of identity that promotes pride throughout their population and communities. We offer a variety of custom designed school spirit products and fundraising programs that can showcase your school, students and athletes.

Varsity Graphics Has Helped School Groups Raise Over


Over the past two years, Varsity Graphics has helped school groups raise over $230,000. The average funds raised per program is $500-$2,000 while the highest group raise has been $6,000.