Fundraising Program Customer Survey

Thank you for participating in Varsity Graphics’ fundraising programs. In an effort to serve you better, please consider filling out this survey. It shouldn’t take more than five minutes of your time. Your feedback, both good and bad, is much appreciated and can help us further develop Varsity Graphics’ products and services. Thanks so much!


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Initial Correspondence(Required)
How satisfied were you with the program information packet you received? Was it informative and thorough?
How satisfied were you with the communication, both email and phone, with Varsity Graphics. Were we responsive in a timely manner?
Quality of Product and Design(Required)
How satisfied were you with the design process and quality of the fundraising product?
Online User Experience(Required)
To your knowledge, how satisfied was your school/group community with the online ordering system?
Marketing Materials(Required)
You may have received several marketing materials including flyers, digital ads and images of your products. How satisfied were you with the marketing materials provided to promote your sale?
CUSTOMER REVIEW---- We'd be greatly appreciative if would submit a testimonial for website and marketing purposes. Use the space below and include your name/school/town as you would like it to appear. It's ok to submit an anonymous testimonial as well. Whatever your comfort level may be.
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